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Church's 'Minneapolis Miracle' Post Goes Viral

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A Twin Cities church has a light-hearted reminder for Minneapolis Vikings fans who prayed for a victory on Sunday.

"I'm going to remember that moment forever," said Vikings fan Jeffrey Galbavy.

He was at U.S. Bank Stadium Sunday, lucky enough to see wide receiver Stefon Diggs score the improbable game-winning touchdown over the New Orleans Saints.

The play was rightfully named the "Minneapolis Miracle," which by definition must mean there was divine intervention.

"Someone answered our prayers," said fan Thao Lao.

Our Lady of Lourdes
(credit: CBS)

It sure felt that way to Julie Craven, who was also at the game. She is the communications director for Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in northeast Minneapolis.

"It was one of the most emotional moments I've ever experienced," Craven said. "When I got home I couldn't sleep. I mean, the adrenaline was still kind of working and I thought, 'You know what? There is a social media post out there.'"

Craven wanted to incorporate the excitement from the game along with her church, so she came up with simple message featuring the Vikings logo on a purple background.

Our Lady of Lourdes Vikings Post
(credit: Our Lady of Lourdes/Facebook)

"I put it out the next morning thinking wouldn't it great if I got like 50 likes," Craven said.

The post generated more than 1,000 reactions within 24 hours, and was shared about 7,500 times.

Many people who commented appreciated the witty post. Some even joked that they needed to go to confessional for the language they were using prior to the game winning score.

"We were just tickled that everyone got a kick out of post, and it's a wonderful tribute what the Vikings did Sunday afternoon," Craven said.

She wouldn't mind if fans took the message to heart.

"I think it's time to go to church {laughs]!" Loa said.

The pews might be packed with purple Sunday morning, but that 7 p.m. mass might be a problem for Galbavy.

"That's going be around halftime of the NFC Championship [game]," Galbavy said.

In addition to that post, Craven said the church's pastor, Father Dan Griffith, is a lifelong Packers fan. However, she said he did wish the Vikings well before the game Sunday.

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