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New Vikings Stadium Offers Learning Opportunity For MN Students

MINNETONKA, Minn. (WCCO) – Sports provide many opportunities.

For some, it's the opportunity to teach.

Kids are more apt to listen and learn if they are studying something they are interested in.

One Minnetonka sixth grade teacher found a tool to do just that, the new Minnesota Vikings stadium.

It is the excitement that comes with a new stadium and the ancillary that it creates.

Lisa Reed's students latest project is to design and create models of a new locker room for the Vikings in their new stadium.

"I also think just because it's such a hot topic in Minnesota right now, with the stadium, the new release of the news with the Super Bowl. The kids have just been really into it. So, definitely it's that hook," Reed said.

A hook that helps motivate students.

First, students must design it on the computer.

"I like how we get to completely design it from scratch. Like, there's no pre-model for us to build from. We get to do whatever we want to do for our model," one student said.

Then, they build it to their specs.

"Well down here [there's a] spot that they can put all of their shoes; their cleats and their normal shoes. And this compartment they can put their electronics. Their phones, their iPads," one student said.

Each one has few different amenities, as students anticipate the full throttle into the technology of the 21st century.

"We've got it so your helmet would slip onto [a] little holder and keep it in place. Then we have our example of a TV," one student said. "So, it shows the stadium and it shows the game plan."

What the students learn is to dream.

What the teacher learns is more impressive.

"To be honest, I really think that the designers should listen to some our ideas," said Reed. "They've came up with ideas that I never could have, for sure."

But first and foremost, they have to be functional.

"That can fit all their stuff and be comfortable for them to get their gear," student said.

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