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WCCO Answers All Your Burning Agricultural Questions At The Minnesota State Fair

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The Minnesota State Fair is where Twin Cities families get an up-close look at a crucial industry: agriculture.

WCCO's Jeff Wagner had a whole bushel of Good Questions for fairgoers at the Great Minnesota Get-Together. Here are a few:

How many farms are in Minnesota?

There are 14,233 farms in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, making it the 10th biggest farm state in the nation. Texas ranks number one, while Missouri is second.

Which livestock animal has the highest number in Minnesota?

Believe it or not, chickens! There are 57.8 million raised annually in Minnesota -- which also holds the top spot for turkey livestock in the country at 40 million.

Which crop covers the most land in Minnesota?

In terms of acreage, corn is Minnesota's top crop, with eight millions acres-worth grown. That's larger than the size of nine states.

How many dairy cows are in Minnesota?

At 445,000, there are more dairy cows in the state than the entire population of Minneapolis.

Minnesota also has the second-highest number of pigs in the nation, at 9.3 million. Our neighbor to the south, Iowa, holds first place.


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