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Minneapolis Pastor Passes Away At Age 107

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The oldest-practicing pastor in the United States will not be at his Minneapolis church on Sunday.

Rev. Noah Smith passed away this week at the age of 107, leaving a crowd of admirers.

"He has left a legacy that is really indescribable," Pastor Rev. Dr. Alphonse Reff Sr. said.

That is just one of the pastors Rev. Smith mentored over the years. His 97-year-old wife and a crowd of people filled his church Wednesday.

The former artist and musician did not become a minister until he was 49-years-old. He was revered for both his wisdom and his strong sense of humor.

WCCO watched him preach at an Easter sermon in 2012. Smith said he was busier than ever, and that he was not afraid of death. He also gave some sage advice.

"Take every situation, and have victory in it, because a lot of things we don't know," Smith said. "Whatever has to be done, try to do it. Whatever comes tomorrow, I'm not worried about it."

Smith died peacefully this week, and his friends say his last words were, "Good Night."

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