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Minneapolis makes 1,600 free parking spots available ahead of massive snow storm

Minneapolis making 1,600 free parking spots available ahead of massive snow storm
Minneapolis making 1,600 free parking spots available ahead of massive snow storm 02:07

MINNEAPOLIS – Ahead of this week's storm, Minnesota's largest city is asking people to be patient.

Minneapolis leaders are also asking everyone who can to move their cars off the streets completely.

"The pure volume is going to be the challenge for everyone here," said Margaret Anderson Kelliher, the city's director of public works.

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Maintenance and repair projects are going on hold in Minneapolis this week in order to boost the number of workers driving snowplows.

Part of the city's plan is to put off snow removal in order to work on getting more streets plowed.

"Get into as many neighborhoods as we can," Anderson Kelliher said. "Can we guarantee you it's going to be your neighborhood? We cannot right now."

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She says that job will be more effective if cars are off the streets. To that end, the city's making 1,600 free parking spaces available through next Tuesday.

Current lots

* Farmer's Market Lot, 225 East Lyndale Ave. (309 spaces)

* Basilica Lot, 13 North 17th St. (183 spaces)

* Vineland Ramp, 727 Vineland Place (671 spaces)

Ready 2 p.m. Tuesday

* Salvation Army Lot (4th St. N. Lot), 601 North 4th St. (332 spaces)

* Lyn-Lake Lot (Garfield Lot, 2940 Garfield Ave. S. (118 spaces)

"Plan how you're going to hopefully not get to work but work remotely," said Mayor Jacob Frey. "If you have to go into work, we'll figure out the routes. We're going to focus on the major arterial routes to get people in through those high-traffic areas."

There'll be plows devoted to alleyways, in hopes of keeping trash and recycling service going. Emergency parking rules are likely to allow buses to pass.

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"The snow emergency stuff is great. I think they do that pretty well," said Ryan Davis, who lives in Minneapolis. "Signing up for the SMS messages online then I get the notification."

"I have full faith the city will keep up. You just got to be smart and safe," said resident Wolfgang Hirse.

Anderson Kelliher says she's likely to call a snow emergency Wednesday morning, which would put emergency parking rules into effect Wednesday night.

Click here for a breakdown of snow emergencies around the metro this week.

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