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Minneapolis DFL Endorses No Candidates In City's Mayoral Race

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- On Thursday morning, the DFL party in Minneapolis announced they will not be endorsing any candidate in the city's forthcoming mayoral race.

The Minneapolis DFL announced that no candidate for mayor got to the 60% threshold necessary to get the DFL endorsement.

This is probably the best news for incumbent Mayor Jacob Frey, widely seen as the most centrist candidate and the candidate least likely to get endorsed by delegates who tend to be far more progressive.

A progressive activist named Sheila Nezhad got 53.1% of the delegates, compared to Frey's 40.3%. This was ranked choice balloting.

Winning the DFL endorsement would put a candidate on all the flyers the DFL mails out.

Nezhad has said she would not abide by the endorsement, which means she will continue to run against Frey. Nezhad favors eliminating the Minneapolis Police Department.

Frey has been very clear since the movement to defund first surfaced that he does not favor that.

The third-place finisher, Kate Knuth, also supported creating an alternative to the police department.

"We want to dramatically expand the office of violence prevention in our city and put police, fire and the office of violence prevention emergency management under a unified command with civilian leadership," Knuth said.

Knuth was close but still behind Nezhad when she was forced to drop out. Most of her delegates went to Nezhad.

The election for Minneapolis mayor and other city offices is Nov. 2.

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