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Minneapolis Church Holds Borscht Fundraiser For Ukraine

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- In northeast Minneapolis Sunday, the line at St. Michael's and St. George's Orthodox Church was around the block.

Hundreds showed up to raise money for Ukraine, doing their part while bonding over borscht. The soup is a Ukrainian staple.

"It's made with a base of beets and cabbage," said Yuri Pedenko, who, along with several others, helped cook and serve the gallons of soup.

All the money is going to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and will directly help people in Ukraine. That's why this kitchen simply can't have too many cooks.

"There's a sense of satisfaction, a sense of something that we can do. Because watching the scenes on TV is heartbreaking," said Pedenko.

Borscht Fundraiser For Ukraine In Minneapolis
(credit: CBS)

While sipping soup, a silent auction was held simultaneously. All this, put together in two weeks. The largest event St. Michael's and St. George's has put on since the war began.

"It's just brought so many Ukrainians together in this time of tragedy," said Halina Alexejun, who organized the fundraiser.

Alexejun is a first generation Ukrainian-American. Years ago, her family fled Ukraine because of Russian oppression.

"What our parents, what our grandparents went through, we would've never in a million years thought that we'd be going through this right now," said Alexejun. "So all we can do is raise money and shout out, you know, 'close the skies,' 'support Ukraine.' That's all we can do from here."

Click here for more information on how you can help Ukraine.


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