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Massachusetts Alimony Reform Founder Speaks To Minnesota Group

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The push for alimony reform has made its way to Minnesota. Supporters got advice from someone with experience on the topic on Saturday.

Steve Hitner, the founder of Massachusetts Alimony Reform talked to the Minnesota group in Edina this afternoon.

Hitner worked for years to get rid of permanent spousal maintenance in Massachusetts.

Here in Minnesota, a bill was just introduced that would end permanent spousal maintenance if your ex moves in with a romantic partner.

"I feel fortunate we have a great person that's been through all this, and worked on it in his state for eight years to get it to go, and we thought maybe we'd get some good advice," said Michael Thomas, chairman of Minnesota Alimony Reform.

Minnesota is among only a handful of states tackling alimony reform right now. It's passed in only four other states: Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey and Kansas.

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