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Man Who Protested Potter Trial Judge Charged With Harassment, Arrested In Wisconsin

UPDATE: Charges have been dismissed in this case. Read the update.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Cortez Rice, the man who protested outside Judge Regina Chu's apartment in Minneapolis, has been charged with felony harassment.

According to a complaint filed in Hennepin County, Rice has been charged with one count of harassment involving retaliation against a judicial officer.

Chu said she believed she was the target of Rice and other protestors. She said the "intention was to intimidate her and interfere with the judicial process," the complaint said.

Rice helped lead a protest on Nov.6 outside what he believed was Chu's apartment building in downtown Minneapolis.

During the protest, Rice, who is close with Wright's family, went into the apartment building and streamed himself live on Facebook as he approached what he believed was the judge's apartment door.

"I don't know if this is her crib," Rice said in the video, which has since been removed. "I think this is her crib right here. We got confirmation that this is her house right here. Waiting for the gang to get up here."

Rice then opened a window down the hall and yelled down to protesters.

He says into his phone, "If people stand down there, she'll definitely hear us."

Rice left to join the crowd outside when a resident questioned who he was there to see.

In an interview, Rice told WCCO: "I just went there to make sure we were in the right vicinity, that if we were at the right place, that they could hear us."

He said he wasn't trying to intimidate Chu or get her to change her mind on any decisions she's made.

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