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Local Animal Rescue Asking For Help Saving Paralyzed Pup

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A local animal rescue organization is asking for help to save a puppy that was found abandoned and shot.

The seven-week-old puppy, named Survivor, was found in the woods in Alabama with bullet puncture wounds in his back and unable to walk.

"He's a very happy little guy," Warrior Dog Rescue executive director Diana Bakken said. "He just doesn't know anything different."

Survivor was picked up by Warrior Dog Rescue, a Minnesota animal rescue nonprofit, so that he could see vets at the University of Minnesota. Survivor was found alongside another puppy, who was also injured, and didn't make it.

"To think that someone would do that and actually killed one of his siblings before we had a chance to even get to it," Bakken said. "All cases are hard but it's awful."

But Survivor, now paralyzed from mid back-down, kept fighting. He now needs surgery to remove a bullet near his spine to hopefully regain control of his bladder.

"For the legs we are looking at getting him a set of wheels and hoping we can get fitted for those soon," Bakken said.

Survivor has so far lived up to his name, defying odds. If the surgery is successful and if he makes it, the ultimate goal would be finding a family to give him the love he always deserved.

"He's such a sweet little fighter."

Warrior Dog Rescue is selling t-shirts to help raise 7,000 dollars for the surgery and future medical costs.

Anything leftover would go directly to help rescue other dogs. Click here to help donate.


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