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Lily Bloom's Kitchen In Fridley Gets Oprah's Approval

FRIDLEY, Minn. (WCCO) -- Few things give a company national credibility like a shout out from Oprah Winfrey. Then consider this company credible. Lily Bloom's Kitchen out of Fridley is in the August issue of "O" Magazine for their tasty treats with a twist.

It started with a macaroon and lead to the ultimate endorsement: Oprah Winfrey.

Local entreprenuer Larry Shiller has earned the approval of one of the biggest celebrities in the world with his poparoons.

"It's been really remarkable," he said.

Four years ago Larry's mother -- Lily Bloom -- passed away.

She led a long, wonderful life and left behind her famous 70-year-old macaroon recipe.

"I decided the best way to honor her memory was to bring her macaroon to market. So, I started a company," Shiller said.

He called it Lily Bloom's Kitchen.

They sell 16 flavors of macaroons, 7 flavors of poparoons, cookies, truffles and bread pudding.

The twist? Surprise -- all of the treats are gluten-free and Oprah approved.

Lily Bloom's Kitchen's poparoons made the "O List" in her August magazine issue, leading to an inevitable boom in demand for these gluten-free treats.

"Unfortunately, most of the gluten-free products out there today, don't have a lot of flavor," Shiller said. "We use all natural flavorings and all natural colorings. I like to say, it's almost a health food. ... Almost a health food."

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