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'He's A Fighter': Ladavionne Garrett Jr., 11, Goes Home 6 Months After Minneapolis Shooting

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Eleven-year-old Ladavionne Garrett Jr. is finally home with his family, six months after he was shot in the head while riding in a car in north Minneapolis.

He was released Monday from Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare, surrounded by his parents and grandparents as his wheelchair was loaded into the vehicle that would finally drive him home.

His family is thankful and hopeful he continues to progress during his recovery at home.

"It has been a long six months, but today is the day Junior comes home," said grandmother Sharrie Jennings.

She is counting her blessings, after waiting for what seemed like a lifetime for his release.

"This is nothing but God and him. If a 10-year-old can fight to live, I know I can fight too," Jennings said.

She has not left her grandson's side since he was shot. Garrett was the first of three kids shot in the head in north Minneapolis in a span of three weeks between late April and mid-May. Trinity Ottoson-Smith, 9, and Aniya Allen, 6, died days after they were shot.

After six months of intense therapy, Junior's treatment is now centered on love from family, and just being at home.

"Junior still has a long road to recovery, but I truly, truly thank everyone that has had input or some type of something with our family, I just thank you guys," Jennings said.

Ladavionne Garrett Jr. Leaves Hospital
(credit: CBS)

She says from day one, community has wrapped its arms around her and her family -- and she is thankful.

"He just had a birthday, Oct. 24," she said. "He's 11 years old now, and he's a fighter."

What's needed now more than anything are answers to the questions that haunts this family: Who did this? And why?

"No one has came forward yet. We still got $180,000 reward," Jennings said. "Someone knows something, come forward."

She hopes community continues on this journey with her family, to see the wonderful things she hopes her grandson does in the near future.

"I want you guys to take a journey with him to see where he is from now to years to come, because this time next year, Junior's gonna be walking and talking," she said. "We serve an awesome God. What the doctors say don't mean nothing. They gave him 72 hours, and we on day six months."

Doctors could not remove the bullet in Garrett's head, but he is making incredible strides. The family hopes for continued support.

They're also asking for anyone with any information about who shot Garrett, Ottoson-Smith and Allen to speak up.

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