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With inflation still troublingly high, Mike's Discount Foods expands to selling everyday items

The secret to lower prices at Mike's Discount Foods
The secret to lower prices at Mike's Discount Foods 03:53

ANOKA, Minn. — The local grocery store chain Mike's Discount Foods continues to see a bump in business as inflation is still hitting families hard.

The chain now has six locations across the metro and has prided itself for decades on selling the lowest prices on brand name foods and products, but it's now also working to save families money on everyday items.

Two new Mike's Treasure Hunt locations are now open in the metro, with its newest location just doors down from the Mike's Discount Foods in Anoka.

How Mike's Treasure Hunt can help you fight inflation 03:30

These locations have a similar business model as the grocery stores do, but instead focus on everyday items including health and beauty, home improvement, toys and seasonal items. 

The business model allows it to sell groceries and everyday goods at deep discounts for several reasons including:

  • The food/product is near or past its "best if used by" date
  • The item is seasonal or the packaging is dated
  • The item is part of a store closeout

The latest report from the consumer price index shows inflation slowed slightly in August, up 0.2% compared to the 0.3% increase in July. For the year, grocery prices are still up a modest 3%.

For more information on Mike's Discount Foods, click here.

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