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Hutchinson's Blizzard Conditions Challenge Drivers, Delight Youngsters

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- There was nothing routine about a routine drive on Highway 7 in Hutchinson Tuesday.

The strong wind blew fresh snow up from the ground and into the air, giving drivers something to worry about.

"The wind is just whipping across from the north," Gwynn Malecek said. "I could feel it on my vehicle, you know, on the left side of my vehicle."

While young people played in the snow along neighborhood streets due to a snow day, teens grabbed their snowmobiles.

Kyle Graf and Mitchell Reiner are both students at Hutchinson High School.

"I was looking out the windows all day and I was hoping we'd get out," Reiner said.

They say wind can be a mixed blessing for snowmobilers.

"The wind makes good drifts in the ditches, so I mean that's a plus, but otherwise it's not good," Graf said.

They welcomed the chance to hit the trails. But if you're behind the wheel of a car or truck, there's nothing fun about reduced visibility.

Hutchinson only got about four inches of new snow, but the wind produced some big snowdrifts.

And once it gets dark Tuesday night, that reduced visibility will get even worse.


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