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How Loud Was U.S. Bank Stadium During 'Minneapolis Miracle'?

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- "It was so loud."

That was Coach Zimmer describing the energy at U.S. Bank Stadium on Sunday night.  Many Vikings fans heard it through the television, but Douglas from Evansville and Jan from Eden Prairie want to know: Exactly how loud did it go?

Good Question.

According to the Vikings, the peak was clocked at 120.1 decibels, which puts it slightly louder than a jackhammer and slightly quieter than a jet engine at takeoff.

According to the scientists at Purdue, that's similar to the noise generated by a chainsaw.

But, the Vikings fans didn't quite scream loud enough to break Minnesota sports records. During the 1987 World Series, the noise level at the Metrodome was clocked at 125 decibels.

The Guinness World Record for the loudest crowd at a sports stadium was 142.2 decibels set by Kansas City Chiefs Fans at Arrowhead Stadium in September of 2014.

The Guinness World Record for loudest crowd at an indoor sports event was 130 decibels set by Kansas Jayhawk basketball fans in Lawrence, Kansas, in February 2017.

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