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Good Samaritan Feels Punished For Doing A Good Deed

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A Good Samaritan witnessed a car accident and stopped to render aid. The accident happened along Highway 55 in Eagan, Minn. in late April. The woman who helped got a surprise a few weeks ago, a hefty bill, and she's now appealing to the state.

"I sort of immediately sprang into action mode," Lauren Radziejewski said.

Radziejewski said she didn't think twice about getting out of her car to help after seeing the accident.

"It's strange, you kind of don't think, you just kind of do," Radziejewski said.

The nurse practitioner couldn't get to the victim most badly injured. But she did reach the driver of a Camry, and she kept him stable until more help arrived.

"He was also bleeding pretty profusely from cuts on his head, and although those weren't life threatening, I did try to keep pressure on them as I was stabilizing his head," Radziejewski said.

It wasn't until the adrenalin stopped pumping that Radziejewski recalls looking down at herself.

"After EMS took over completely, I realized I was covered in blood. After I washed off the blood that was on my hands, I realized I was bleeding myself," Radziejewski said.

She cut herself while helping the victim. A colleague advised Radziejewski to go to Regions Hospital where the victim was taken to make sure neither party had exposed the other to an infectious disease.

"They drew my blood, they drew his blood, then I left the ER," Radziejewski said.

About a month later, Regions billed Radziejewski $900 for the ER visit. She thought the charges would be dropped after explaining why she was there.

"And then I was informed they were not going to be. And I felt that just wasn't fair. I think about anybody else for any other reason coming into similar circumstances and helping and then essentially being penalized," Radziejewski said.

She paid a portion of the bill, insurance took care of the rest.

"I would do all this again, without even thinking. In a heartbeat, I would do it again," Radziejewski said.

Late Monday afternoon Regions Hospital said they will waive Radziejewski's bill.

Radziejewski did file a complaint with the State Attorney General's office. A representative agreed it didn't seem fair and was willing to go to bat for her.

Radziejewski will now appeal to lawmakers. She'd like to see a provision made to the state Good Samaritan Law to cover instances like this.

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