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George Floyd's Family Meets With Business Owners Benefitting From Settlement Donation

This story was originally published on March 12, 2021

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Friday evening, the siblings and nephew of George Floyd went to 38th and Chicago and touched the space on the street where Floyd died last May. They came to this intersection-turned-landmark, after learning the city of Minneapolis agreed to pay the Floyd family $27 million.

"It's not the ultimate and full justice that we want, but I think it's the step in the right direction," said Brandon Williams, the nephew of Floyd.

Williams said it's always impressive and emotional to come back to 38th & Chicago.

"[To] see the way the people of Minneapolis make all these sacrifices and dedicate their time and put so much energy into keeping this square alive," said Williams.

Of the $27 million going to the Floyd family, the family is donating $500,000 back into the neighborhood and businesses at 38th and Chicago Ave. On Friday, the Floyd family met with the business owners and employees who will be benefitting from their donation.

"It means a lot to give back and hopefully see these businesses flourish," Williams said.

One of those stops was Sam Willis Jr.'s restaurant, Just Turkey.

"They gave me permission to name one of our items after George Floyd," Willis Jr. said.

Willis' restaurant opened after Floyd's death. The area has seen crime, as well as road closures, making it tough to attract customers.

"It kind of turned people away from our business because of the whole situation," Willis Jr. said.

PJ Hill is a leader at the World Outreach for Christ Church at 38th & Chicago Ave. He is feeling relief from the settlement announcement happening before the trial officially starts.

"Obviously $27 million can never replace brother George Floyd's life, but that was a big step up," said Hill, "I think it's like 'Whew, we're headed in the right direction.'"

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