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Forest Lake Mayor Calls Commissioner A 'Piece Of S***' At City Council Meeting

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- There was drama in the north metro Monday night, as the mayor of Forest Lake was caught on video swearing at someone during a public forum.

"If I could continue, this is supposed to be a public forum where you listen to the public," Eric Langness, a member of the Forest Lake Planning Commission, said during a public comment period of the meeting after the mayor interrupted him.

"I can listen to the public, but I'm not going to listen to lies..." Mayor Ben Winnick responded.

"You're the one that's saying the lies," Langness shot back.

After Langness finished his comments, tempers flared.

"For someone that's showed such cowardice [sic] behavior to our community in recent times, you've got a lot of nerve calling me a liar," Langness said to the mayor.

"You're, like, really pushing it Eric," Mayor Winnick responded. "We'll see you sometime when you're not in here. We'll see who's a coward then, you piece of s***."

Langness said he was upset by comments Mayor Ben Winnick made about him at a recent city council meeting. One council member said Winnick's curse was over the line. Another told them both to knock it off.


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