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'Fearful' Target Employees Receptive To Recruiters

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - As Minnesota's governor meets with Target's top executive, other companies are taking aim at its nervous employees.

Last week, Target announced plans to get rid of several thousand jobs, mostly at its headquarters in Minneapolis. Those cuts will happen over the next two years as part of a cost-reduction and restructuring plan. They come on top of the 550 Minnesota employees Target already let go as it pulled out of Canada.

Target Corporation has a reputation for hiring the best and the brightest from around the country. And recruiters told WCCO that until the recent string of job cuts, it was difficult to lure those workers away from jobs that others envied.

But now there's an atmosphere of impending doom.

Paul DeBettignies is a recruiter who writes a blog called Minnesota Headhunter.

"Some people are a little fearful, a little scared," he said. "They are wondering, 'When are the layoffs going to happen? When is the announcement? How long is that going to take? Is it going to be over a period of months or years.'"

DeBettignies said some Target employees are finding themselves highly sought after.

"If you are a growing company in town, or in or region, and Target has a profile of employees you are looking for, I don't know why you wouldn't be reaching out to folks," he said. "I had a conversation with an IT friend of mine last week. She had about six inquiries in the first three hours."

Paul said the recession has taught us that companies like Target, General Mills and Best Buy will do what they need to do to keep shareholders happy.

But there are some things that workers do control, he said, such as "being current with one's career, one's skill set, LinkedIn profile, resumes, networking, attending events."

Target will still be hiring people. They will need new employees to be part of the company's turnaround.

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