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Drought Worsens: 35% Of Minnesota Now Experiencing Extreme Conditions

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Extreme drought conditions have expanded significantly in Minnesota over the last week.

The latest update from the U.S. Drought Monitor shows that 35% of the state is now experiencing extreme drought conditions, an increase of 13% over the last seven days.

This the most widespread extreme drought Minnesota has seen since 2007.

The areas affected by the extreme conditions include a large part of north-central Minnesota, a swath of the Arrowhead, and parts of southern and south-central Minnesota.

Extreme drought is defined by corn being harvested early, authorized use of emergency grazing and haying, record or near-record low surface waters, and wildfires.

If the extreme conditions expand by another 7%, it'd mark the worst drought the state has seen in the 21st Century. Drought conditions are updated every Thursday.

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Meanwhile, nearly 79% of the state is under severe drought conditions, an increase of 3% over last week. Almost all of the state is at least experiencing abnormally dry conditions.

The only area of the state with normal conditions is a small section of extreme southeastern Minnesota along the Mississippi River.

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