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DNR: Invasive Zebra Mussels Found In Lake Owasso

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources confirmed that invasive zebra mussels were found in Lake Owasso in Ramsey County.

Officials say that 13 zebra mussel shell fragments were found during a SCUBA survey of the lake, and live adult zebra mussels were found afterwards in a subsequent dive search.

Zebra mussels have not simply impacted communities in Roseville and Shoreview; in early September, the DNR confirmed that zebra mussel larvae were found in Rainy Lake, near International Falls in northern Minnesota.

Zebra mussels are a fingernail-sized mollusk named for its zig-zagged striped shell.

They are known to impact native ecosystems by filtering out the algae that many aquatic species need for food. Additionally, they can cut the feet of swimmers, reduce the performance of boat motors, and cause damage to water intake pipes.

Anyone who believes they have seen an invasive plant or animal should take a picture and send to the Minnesota DNR.


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