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Decrepit $1 House Completely Renovated

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Three months ago, the basement walls were caving in and the house had seen better days at 3049 Third Ave. S.

Then Nicole Curtis, cable TV's Rehab Addict, bought the house for $1 and spent about $100,000 to fix it up.

The house is now restored, and we got one of the first sneak peeks inside.

Curtis says "neighbors" helped every step of the way as she averaged working 76 hours a week.

"We've had volunteers painting, doing yard work, just really helping us out, and we got it done," Curtis said. "It's ready for sale now."

Maggots lived in the refrigerator, cockroaches infested the stove and the house had to be lifted 4 feet off the ground.

"People drive by this house all day long and just scream, 'Thank you,'" Curtis said. "It was all about giving back to this community, and turning this house from the biggest eye sore into a beautiful corner piece."

The house will be for sale for about $145,000 dollars.

Curtis will soon start work on another condemned house, this time in north Minneapolis.

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