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DeBlog: How Much Caffeine Do You Need?

Caffeine has never really affected me. I drink a fair amount of diet soda. I enjoy the taste of coffee, but I don't feel like it gives me a jolt.

Good Question intern Kate Raddatz is different from me. In many ways, not just this one. At any rate -- she needs your help for a blog post she's working on. Kate writes:

"Like many of us, I need my daily dose of caffeine. For me, it's all about the coffee. Honestly I can't remember a day in the last five years where I didn't get in at least a cup a day. At my worst I drank coffee like it was water, up to 10 cups a day. (In my defense it makes it a little harder when you've been working in a coffee shop for eight years.)

Caffeine obviously isn't limited to coffee. We may not think twice about grabbing an extra Diet Coke or candy bar to give us the jolt we need to get through the 3 p.m. slump. Before you know it we're twitching on a caffeine overdose.

But how much caffeine is too much? Is some caffeine healthy? How much? What are the health effects of having too much caffeine? That's the Good Question I'll be looking into this week.

So tell me about your caffeine addictions if you have them! What are they? How do you feel when you have too little caffeine or too much? Post in the comments section below!"


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