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Coronavirus In Minnesota: CBD Manufacturer Makes Hand Sanitizer For Police

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The work of police officers is changing during the pandemic, but it does not stop or even slow it down.

But one small Minnesota company is doing its part to return the favor in a small way.

Gratitude can show itself in many different ways. Wednesday, it comes in the form of hundreds of tiny plastic bottles, filled with something that's become a scarce commodity lately.

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Zach Rohr of Minny Grown CBD and Steven Brown of Nothing But Hemp put in weeks of work, transforming the Minny Grown facility in Cannon Falls.

"I called him up and I said, 'Hey, you have tons of ethanol. Why don't we turn that into hand sanitizer?'" Brown said.

They are now producing a unique donation for the St. Paul Police Department.

"We're just really trying to rally what we do here and respond to what our community needs," Rohr said. "Literally the only bottles and caps that I could find from my supplier right now are getting ready to make some hand sanitizer, and officers appreciate it."

While St. Paul police are geared with personal protective equipment and have modified some of their practices, they'll never be able to work remotely. And the calls for service haven't slowed down, according to Public Information Officer Steve Linders.

"They have to respond, and they're more than happy to do so because it's a calling," Linders said. "But it does come with a certain level of risk."

A risk that Rohr and Brown are trying to mitigate bottle by bottle, in a show of support that they're hand crafting, ounce by ounce.

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"They're out there trying to protect us, so we needed to protect them some way," Brown said.

Linders said their gesture means a lot.

"The hand sanitizer's important, but more important is for our officers to know that people care, they appreciate them, and they see their work out there," Linders said.

St. Paul police ask that you file online reports when possible, and if you're sick and do need someone to respond in person, they ask that you let the dispatcher know so they can stay safe while they work to keep you safe.

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