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Catholic League Seeks To ID The Archbishop's Alleged Victim

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- With St. Paul police investigating Archbishop John Nienstedt, who's accused of inappropriately touching a boy's behind, the Catholic League wants to independently identify his accuser.

It's the first time the religious and civil rights organization has sought to identify an alleged victim, asking Twin Cities-area Catholics for any videotapes or photos from the 2009 event, where it's alleged Nienstedt touched the boy's buttocks after a confirmation ceremony.

"Somebody knows who this character is who is making these accusations -- I can't wait to get to the bottom of this," said Catholic League President Bill Donahue. "Nienstedt has been the subject of a non-stop crusade orchestrated by enemies of the Catholic Church. The time has come when people need to fight back."

Donahue also took aim at St. Paul police investigators, accusing them of pursuing an agenda while investigating clergy members and archdiocesan leadership.

"They've made statements that they wouldn't ever make about any other demographic group, and certainly no other religious group," Donahue said. "I'm not saying they're dishonest, I'm simply saying there is a politicized agenda there. They're not the only game in town (so) we're going to go past them, they're not the only game in town."

St. Paul Police has yet to comment. However, St. Paul Police Chief Thomas Smith accused the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis Tuesday of not fully cooperating with investigations into alleged sex abuse by priests. He said that church officials declined to make clergy available to investigators.

You can hear Donahue's comments below, and read his statement here.

Catholic League Seeks To ID The Archbishop's Alleged Victim

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