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Bite Of Minnesota: Thanksgiving Foods

Planning a menu for Thanksgiving should be easy, but somehow it always gets complicated. Each November we are bombarded by headlines like, "The Best Mashed Potatoes Ever!" or "Try This Twist on Thanksgiving Turkey!",  and as someone who loves trying new recipes, I'm susceptible to every single one of those marketing messages and it makes for a fun menu. One year we had a teriyaki turkey, another year was Chai Pumpkin Pie, and this year we're making Cran-Blueberry Sauce with Candied Ginger. We mostly stick to traditional foods but look for a few variations each year. There is one thing I'm slightly particular about: dressing - the bready kind, not the salad kind. I prefer to stick to the basic flavors like celery, onion, and herbs so I found a great make ahead recipe last year that I'll make again this year.

If cooking isn't your thing, Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine has a handy guide to everything Thanksgiving that includes a "Fake it Like You Made It" resource list so you can order dinner already made. Or, if you only want to outsource dessert and live in the Minneapolis area, I'd suggest ordering a pie from Nighthawks. Maybe  the apple cheddar pie?

2014-11-03 (Power Pie Mondays)
(credit: Crystal Grobe)

And one more suggestion? Michelle Gayer, owner of the wonderful Salty Tart is doing her pie pop up again on Monday, November 23rd at Hola Arepa from 4pm - 7pm. Show up or place an order in advance. You can find the list here.

However you do your Thanksgiving, make sure to enjoy it.

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