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Best Shoe Shops In The Twin Cities

Shopping is possible just about anywhere in the Twin Cities, but let's be honest, when we ladies say we're going shopping, there's one thing in the back of our minds: shoes. I can't honestly tell you what it is about buying a brand new pair of toe-tappers but they call to us. They beg us to take them home with us.It's torture, actually.

So why don't we stop pretending and cut out the generics -- where are we going? Shoe shopping. Not just shopping, but on a hunt for shoes that wink at us through store windows. I mean, we have to walk around in something, right?



2941 Hennepin Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55408
(612) 822-2892

I'm a tad embarrassed to admit I've been shopping at Heartbreakers since I was in high school -- yes, perhaps that means it's time to stop so I'm not "that girl" but they have such a great selection of cute, cheap shoes that I can't seem to stay away. And yes, key word there is cheap. These shoes will sell sometimes for less than $20. Yeah, see why I keep going back now?

Bay Street Shoes And Accessories

3940 W. 50th St.
Edina, MN 55408
(612) 824-5574

Bay Street Shoes has a wide selection of shoes -- including some true gems you might not find anywhere else. The prices range from around $100 to $200, but they always seem to have some kind of sale going on. The Uptown location has been newly remodeled and includes a larger space for even more shoes.

saks off 5th

Saks Off 5th

655 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55402
(612) 33-7200

This is probably my downtown work location bias, but Saks Off 5th is simply a must for shoe shopping. It's all the great name brands of Saks with "off" pricing. The selection of shoes -- and range of available sizes -- is always impressive. Plus, who doesn't love a great deal for a good shoe?


Nordstrom Rack

Mall of America
324 West Marketplace
Bloomington, MN 55425
(952) 854-3131

In the same breath as I mention Saks Off 5th, I feel I should include Nordstrom Rack for their equally awesome selection of great-priced shoes. For those with really big feet, or painfully tiny ones (ahem, me) Nordstrom has you covered. Plus, it seems there's always a great deal on top of the already marked down prices.


DSW Shoe Warehouse

823 Rosedale Center
Roseville, MN 55425
(952) 876-0991
(And other various locations)

If you're looking for any kind of shoe -- even a lime green heel to go with a bridesmaid dress -- DSW Shoe Warehouse will most likely have it. They don't call it a warehouse for nothing. DSW offers a great selection at under retail prices, plus an expansive clearance section in back (which slightly reminds me of the "naughty" section at movie rental stores -- but then again, you'll feel a tad mischievous getting shoes at these deals.)

Ladyslipper Boutique

4940 France Ave. S.
Edina, MN 55410
(952) 224-1900

It's almost unfair how easy it is to spend hours in Ladyslipper -- a trendy shoe and accessories store where local shopping meets "just going to try one more pair" meets "oh my, look at the time." This adorable boutique carries the latest trends, the items you didn't even know were out there and the funky pieces that are just there to make a statement.

Neiman Marcus

505 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55402
(612) 339-2600

If you're looking for the latest designer shoes, Neiman Marcus is your one-stop shopping. Here you'll find the latest Louboutins in all their glorious prints. Stop by the fourth floor for Neiman Marcus' last call clearance center for great deals on designer duds.

Schuler Shoes

7845 Main Street North
Maple Grove, MN 55369
(763) 494-4878
(And other various locations)

Schuler Shoes is all about comfort, but that doesn't mean it trades in style. If you're looking for the latest running shoe, lounging shoe or even, yes, those oh-so-attractive work shoes, you'll find it all under one roof at Schuler Shoes. If you're not sure, or have a question, these people are shoe experts -- Schuler is the oldest family-owned shoe store West of the Mississippi.

Sara Boyd is a Web Producer at

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