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Best Minnesota Fashion Blogs

Deciding what to wear or how to wear it can translate into a difficult dilemma. Fashion bloggers have become style experts by helping the masses understand current trends and where to get them. In Minnesota, style and fashion bloggers have become the experts in knowing what to get. Many of these bloggers go beyond clothing and accessories by introducing beauty products, hair fashion and home trends as well. Check out these best blogs for all of the advice you could possibly need.

Melissa Colgan
(credit: Melissa Colgan)

Melissa Colgan

Melissa Colgan holds the coveted title of style editor for Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine. She was educated in Minnesota and has been blogging about fashion for almost 10 years. Her former site, Tulle and Plume, was listed as a top fashion blog by Minnesota Monthly. Melissa's blog on cargo collective focuses on bridal fashion and wedding style. Check out her site for tips on accessories, wardrobe, floral arrangement, hair or anything else that has to do with style for that big day.

Elizabeth Dehn

Elizabeth Dehn is a known fashion expert with a large web presence. She resides in the Twin Cities and has written for local magazines and appeared on the local scene to share her fashion and style knowledge. Beauty Bets, Dehn's main blog, contains a wide range of style and beauty advice for residents of Minnesota. She discusses where to shop, when to go and often suggests what to get. The best part of Beauty Bets is that Dehn focuses on the average Minnesotan budget rather than that $5,000 purse that no one can afford. Check out her section on drugstore cosmetics, skin care products and healthy foods that keep your insides beautiful too.

Corey Tenold - TRNDS
(credit: Corey Tenold - TRNDS)

Corey Tenold

Corey Tenold is a talented and creative art director from Minnesota. He has worked with a wide range of Minnesota-based companies, including Target. His photography and creative genius has also landed him gigs with well-known fashion and retail outlets as well as a role on "America's Next Top Model." TRNDS, Tenold's fashion blog, started in 2010 as a showcase for men's fashion and local style favorites. Today, TRNDS contains fashion and style submitted from other sources. TRNDS currently includes men's and women's fashion, shoes, accessories and other style favorites in Minnesota. The format is clear pictures of trends and apparel, making it easy to browse and navigate.

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Katie Dohman

Katie Dohman is another local fashionista with the position of Style Editor for Minnesota Monthly. Her blog, TC Style, explores the local fashion scene and anything to do with style and beauty. TC Style details places around town to "get the look" that is featured in her articles. Dohman's blog also focuses on where to go for fitness, skin care, beauty treatments and anything else a fabulous Minnesotan needs. Features include interviews with local stylists, shopping and gift ideas and even beauty and fashion for your pet.

Davee Ek
(credit: Davee Ek)

Davee Ek

Davee Ek started a small blog through blogspot to showcase her love of fashion and photography. After picking up a number of followers, Davee's Secrets is now a regularly visited site for locals. Davee currently works in the fashion industry and fills her blog with local shopping spots, fantastic photos of apparel and where to get it and reviews of fashion shows in Minnesota. Aside from the pictures of fabulously hip Minnesotans and Davee herself, the backdrop for her snaps is Minnesota itself.

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Andrea Wodele is a freelance writer who has lived in the Twin Cities for eight years. She loves covering all things Minnesota and her work can be found on

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