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As Food Prices Rise, Families Are Making The Most This Easter

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (WCCO) – As families throughout the Twin Cities prepare meals for the Easter and Passover and Ramadan holidays this weekend, they'll notice the impact on the price of groceries.

According to the USDA's 2022 Food Price Outlook, grocery prices have risen by 5% from this time last year. Some items have increased in price by over 10%.

"It's definitely a lot more expensive, for sure," said Candi Phillips during an Easter event at Midtown Global Market Friday evening.

Phillips say she and her family usually bond over the food during the holiday season, making everything from specialty potato salad to ham, macaroni and cheese and more. Rising food costs mean accomplishing the full meal takes being detail oriented when it comes to planning.

"We decide who's going to bring what, and then we do that," she said. "If we're shopping for Easter, you plan. Like, I know Easter is coming on, so I'm going to plan to make sure to get those things, maybe start getting some things early."

"It felt like my cart was very expensive compared to previous years," said Amber Cameron, who also attended the Midtown Global Market event Friday.

"I think ham for sure, and some of the produce," Cameron said.

Cameron says shopping for her family of four has shown the price increase for certain items.

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