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Multiple Tornadoes Reported In Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A summer storm spun into the Twin Cities Wednesday night, bringing with it the threat of tornadoes and torrential rain.

At least five possible tornadoes touched down, from near Mankato to the Twin Cities.

That includes this one captured in Nicollet by Brandon Lewis late Wednesday afternoon.

It appears to be in the same area where the Nicollet County Sheriff reported damage to a farm.

Despite the number of suspected tornado touchdowns, there are no reports of injuries.

Damage also appears to be minimal in most areas, except for downed trees and bent street signs and damage to the aforementioned farm near Nicollet.

The homeowner told WCCO he was actually watching the funnel cloud approaching from the southeast while on his porch.

He says it was bouncing up and down, and when it touched the ground again about a half mile from his house he decided to take cover.

Less than a minute later, the brunt of the storm passed through his property. It uprooted a large tree, toppling into one of the houses.

The property owner says his mother was inside, but she is OK.

He was in the neighboring house, where the storm ripped shingles off the roof. A wall in the garage was tore apart; thick tree trunks and branches were snapped and scattered around the house; farm equipment was tossed and power was lost.

Xcel Energy crews were there working to fix it soon after. Despite all the damage, nobody on his property was hurt.

The homes are quite isolated from neighboring properties, so it is tough to tell if anyone nearby sustained similar damage.

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