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60-Foot Tall Ferris Wheel-Esque Restuarant Set For NE Mpls.

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- If you see a new Ferris wheel-like structure in northeast Minneapolis in 2014, it's not for a carnival. It's part of new restaurant.

Leslie Bock, owner of Psycho Suzi's, has submitted plans to open Betty Danger's Country Club, which will feature a "vertically revolving patio" as a seating option.

60-Foot Tall Ferris Wheel-Esque Restuarant Set For NE Mpls.

The new sky-high restaurant will be erected on the old Psycho Suzi's property, which is a few blocks north of their current location on 1900 Marshall Street.

With creativity as her specialty, Bock wants her customers to enjoy a good meal with a great view.

"You'll be able to see the Mississippi, the Lowry Bridge, downtown," said Shannon Weed, general manager at Psycho Suzi's. "As far as my knowledge goes, there's nothing like this in the state nor the nation. It's something very unique and interesting."

On Monday, the Minneapolis Planning Commission approved plans for Betty Danger's.

Council Member Gary Schiff, Ward 9, expressed his excitement on Twitter about the concept, raving about the upcoming attraction.

The wheel will be 60 feet tall and feature 14 cabins seating 56 people. If patrons are afraid to brave the heights, there will be a regular restaurant building onsite to sit and enjoy a meal off of their "Minnesota Tex-Mex" menu.

While final plans still need full council approval, the restaurant is set to open in early 2014.

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