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5 Ways To Spice Up Valentine's Day This Year

Are dinner, roses and a box of chocolates what you have in mind for Valentine's Day this year? That sounds nice enough, but why not spice up your plans with an out-of-the-ordinary touch? Here's five ways to ignite the fire in your relationship this Valentine's Day.

Enroll in a Massage Class

Massage Class

Who wouldn't appreciate a well-executed massage? Sign up for a massage class to refine your abilities, then surprise your lover on Valentine's Day with the skills you've learned. Community college continuing education programs or local massage establishments may offer courses.

Another option is to sign up for a couple's massage class. Learning together and practicing on one another can be a very romantic experience. If you can't enroll in a course before Valentine's Day, consider gifting a couples class to your lover as present for the holiday.

Take Your Chocolate up a Notch

(Credit, Meghan Ross)

Chocolate is known as an aphrodisiac, but spice it up this Valentine's Day with a little extra oomph. Shop for exotic varieties with unusual mix-ins. Look for chocolate bars that include bacon, spices, berries or beer.

Some companies even sell chocolates with aphrodisiac herbs mixed in. Your lover will certainly get your romantic message when you gift him or her with a double-dose of aphrodisiacs to savor together.

Head Outside

Time Outdoors
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There's nothing like a night under the stars for a little romance. If you live in an area where it's not frigid in February, spread a blanket for an outdoor picnic with bread, wine and fancy cheeses.

If it's too chilly to consider dining outdoors, bundle up for a hike instead. If you have a telescope, bring it along for a closer-up look at the nighttime sky. After your outdoor excursion, warm up with an indoor picnic for two spread on the living room floor.

Adopt a Furry Friend

Adopt A Pet

For an animal lover, an adorable new pet might be the quickest way to his or her heart, so surprise your significant other with a new four-legged family member. Ahead of time, go on a date to the pet store or shelter and take special note of the animals that catch your loved one's eye. Return in secret to adopt his or her favorite one.

Don't forget the details! Your gift will be all the more appreciated when you've taken care of the legwork. Make sure you have on hand all the food, toys and other accessories you'll need for your pet's homecoming.

Plan a Getaway

Couples Getaway

A trip for two might be just the recharge your relationship needs. Whether it's to the next town over or halfway around the world, a getaway can be a magical time for focusing on one another. You can eat at interesting restaurants, explore tourist attractions or browse little shops, as long as you do it together.

To make your trip extra romantic, plan it in secret and whisk your lover away to a surprise destination. Take care of all the packing, so all your partner has to do is get in the car and wonder where you might be headed.

There can be more to Valentine's Day than dinner and a movie. This year, celebrate your love in spiced-up style with one of these memorable ideas.

Meghan Ross is a freelance writer covering all things home and living. Her work can be found on

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