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5 Tips On How To Beat Senioritis

With the new school year looming, thoughts of class schedules, new outfits and extra curricular activities may fill your head. However, for those entering their senior year of either high school or college, the threat of senioritis becomes very real. Senioritis is a very common affliction for anyone approaching the end of their time in school, when a laziness and general apathy toward any schoolwork takes over a usually productive mind. It can be very tough to overcome a bad case of senioritis, so with the right preparation and a few helpful tips, you may be able to conquer the issue before it happens. Here are five tricks that will help you deal with senioritis head on.

Start Planning Your Career

Career Planning
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The best way to beat senioritis? Get excited about the next steps of your life. Take time to visit your school’s career center, talk to a counselor and start making those important steps that will put you that much closer to success when you graduate. By putting in early effort on resumes, portfolios and career planning, you’ll be helping to keep down the stress levels of post-grad life. You may also be able to get an internship through your school, which can help get your foot in the door of many large organizations. The important part is that you take the steps necessary to plan for the inevitable future.

Take Care Of Yourself

Healthy Lifestyle
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Life can’t be one endless parade of parties and late night pizza. It’s super easy to fall into a lazy routine once a bad case of senioritis hits. So use that pending senior year as motivation to get or keep yourself in shape. Hit the gym, get a good night’s sleep, plan healthy meals and drink plenty of water. It all may seem a little routine, but it’s these important steps that will help keep you active and healthy to face any bouts of senioritis that may come your way.

Try Something New

New Ideas
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You probably have most of your career goals worked out by now, especially if you’re graduating college. You have taken all those classes you needed to graduate and you’re just counting down the hours until freedom. This is the perfect time to take that one class you always wanted but never had the chance to take. Try something totally new and different, join some new clubs, get out of your usual routine and shake things up. You may just find a new passion, or learn some great new skills that you can take into any future you may choose.

Use The Buddy System

Buddy System
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If the threat of senioritis is too difficult to face alone, you may just find strength in numbers. Pair with a friend or two, then commit to helping each other stay motivated, on task and active in your final semesters. When someone is being particularly lazy or apathetic, suggest going for a jog or hitting the library to work on that big project together. A little friendly encouragement from a trusted friend can go a very long way in keeping you on that important path towards graduation.

Enjoy Yourself

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The fact is, it’s still your senior year, so it’s just as important to find time to enjoy life as well. Every time you get a good grade or turn in an assignment on time, start planning ways to reward yourself. Maybe you reward yourself by sleeping a little later one day or by going to that weekend party you’d been hearing about all week. A little life-balance is a good thing, and it’s just as important to decompress and enjoy your final months in school as it is to study hard and get good grades. Find that balance, reward your scholastic achievements and, before you know it, you’ll be facing life on the other side of the cap and gown.

Deborah Flomberg is a theater professional, freelance writer and Denver native. Her work can be found at

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