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2nd Congressional District Voters Torn Over Ruling Election To Take Place In Nov.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Minnesota's 2nd congressional district is back on as originally scheduled after a federal judge ruled the election should proceed.

The election was being postponed until February because of the recent death of Legal Marijuana Now party candidate Adam Weeks. Now candidates and voters are adjusting to election whiplash. There's also a chance another court ruling soon could put the election back on hold.

Democratic incumbent Rep. Angie Craig praised the ruling.

"The federal court ruling is a real win for the voters of the 2nd congressional district because they get to be represented in Congress next year and their votes are going to be counted," Craig said.

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The Minnesota Secretary of State says a state law enacted after Sen. Paul Wellstone died in a plane crash just 11 days before the 2002 election requires the postponement.

Craig's Republican challenger Tyler Kistner agrees the election should be delayed and is appealing.

"You had a lot of people who were doing early voting and absentee, and they were not filling out the 2nd district or now they are confused as to when the election is going to be," Kistner said.

The election, of course, is already underway. WCCO visited an early voting center in the 2nd congressional district to hear what voters had to say.

"Everything is so messed up this year," voter Mary McMahon said.

Some agreed with Craig, who says postponing the election until February would leave the district without a representative in Congress for several weeks.

"That bothers me. I would have a hard time with a gap there in service for our district," Jennifer Tabios said.

Others say they can see both sides.

"I get why they put that law in, but on the other hand not having representation in Congress is not good either," a voter who asked to be identified only as Mike said.

Kistner's campaign is hoping the appeal will be fast-tracked and will be ruled on before the Nov. 3 election.


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