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10 pounds of meth discovered after being delivered to wrong address, charges say

Morning headlines from July 1, 2022
Morning headlines from July 1, 2022 04:02

ELK RIVER, Minn. -- Two people face multiple felony counts after 10 pounds of meth that was supposed to be delivered to them ended up at the wrong address, according to recently filed charges.

Last weekend, investigators were tipped off by a concerned citizen. The person brought a box to authorities, saying it had been delivered to them incorrectly. They'd opened it without taking note of the name on the box, and found that there was what they believed to be controlled substances packed inside.

The contents of the box were determined to be large rocks of meth, weighing in excess of 10 pounds total, the complaint says.

Investigators learned that a renter at the address on the box had been contacting the building management, asking about a missing package. After obtaining a search warrant, investigators observed a man in the parking lot arguing with the renter about the missing package.

Officers took most of the meth out of the box, replaced it with water softener salt, placed a GPS tracker and an alarm system inside the box and re-packaged it. They placed the box outside the door of the building management and had them contact the renter to say the box had been found.

The renter, who the complaint identifies as 28-year-old Jessica Geraghty of Elk River, was seen picking up the package. It was then seen in the possession of a man identified as 24-year-old Ricardo Juaregui, of Osseo.

Officers arrested Juaregui and executed a search warrant of Geraghty's residence. She told officers that she had been asked by Juaregui to accept the package for him, as he was "between homes." She said that the two had met on a dating site about a month prior, the complaint says.

She says she thought he was having marijuana delivered. When he wanted to weigh the box, she said she thought he suspected she had taken some narcotics out of the box.

Officers found marijuana in Geraghty's room.

Both are being held in Sherburne County Jail, awaiting a court date of July 27.

The complaint says that the 10 pounds of field-tested meth translated to roughly 4,535 grams.

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