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YouTuber's Coral Springs Police Prank Ends In Arrest

CORAL SPRINGS (CBSMiami) - A 911 call to Coral Springs police made by fake suspects is now being investigated as a real crime. All for trying to punk the police and wasting police resources.

"We have stuff in the trunk officer," exclaimed one suspect. "Why would you tell him that bro," another man being questioned by police told his friend.

They were tense moments, all caught on camera, in Coral Springs last week.

"You said you have a gun loaded?"

"No, I said I have a good lawyer!"

"(You) said good lawyer? What?"

It was chaos in Coral Springs, as police officers responded to a 911 call regarding suspicious drug activity.

"What is your emergency?"

"I'm calling because I see weird suspicious activities at a gas station," said another young man.

"This was all part of a recorded prank that Jason Cid entitled "Coke Prank On Aggressive Cops," said Coral Springs Police Chief Clyde Parry.

An elaborate prank viewed more than 700,000 times in just one week on Jason Cid's YouTube channel called "KingCid: Road to 3Mill," which has more than 2 million subscribers.

"How you doing officer? Is there a problem?"

It appears there is now one for Cid, the man behind the wheel, who police say produced the elaborate prank. He was arrested and charged with the misuse of a 911 system.

"Jason Cid and his accomplices think they're funny. But what they're really doing is taking four Coral Springs police officers out of service for other true emergencies," said an angry Chief Parry.

He added that the 45-minute investigation delayed at least seven other emergency calls.

"Thus, is a dangerous prank that could've led to deadly consequences," Chief Parry continued. "I'm personally offended by the waste of our resources."

A joke that had no good punchline that could've ended with a procession line.

More arrests could be coming as Coral Springs police continue to investigate.

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