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Wife Worried Suicide May Be Option For Imprisoned U.S. Contractor

MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- The wife of imprisoned U.S. contractor Alan Gross  is calling for his freedom in Cuba and she's worried he may do something drastic.

Judy Gross is in Havana, where she met with her husband who is serving a 15-year prison sentence for trying to smuggle communications equipment into the island. He was working for a U.S. government agency at the time.

Mrs. Gross told CBS4's Eliott Rodriguez on the phone Wednesday that her husband is depressed and despondent.

"You say he may do something drastic. What do you fear he might do," asked Rodriguez over the phone.

"Those are his words and I don't know specifically, but I do believe him when he says he will not spend the next 10 years in jail," said Gross.

"Are you in fear he may take his own life in prison," asked Rodriguez.

"I think that's a possibility. I hate to think that way but after five years you become more realistic about things," said Gross

Judy Gross said her husband has lost more than one hundred pounds while in prison. His 91-year old mother died of cancer last week.

Gross had been on a hunger strike in April  but suspended it after his mother asked him to stop.

In a statement released in April Gross said he undertook the hunger strike to protest his treatment by the U.S. and Cuban governments, saying "There will be no cause for further intense protest when both governments show more concern for human beings and less malice and derision toward each other."

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