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SWAT Team Assists In Pawn Shop Bust

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) - It's a bust that goes down fast.  Aiman Asad is in front of his store, placed in cuffs by Fort Lauderdale Police as Rami Hamdallah is walked out next, taken into custody.  They're accused of  buying stolen merchandise from crooks.

"People would go out, people were committing crimes, burglaries, robberies, things of that nature through out the county, would come to this location to sell their goods," explained Fort Lauderdale Police Captain Dana Swisher. "The  people inside knew the items that were being sold to them did not belong to them."

Fort Lauderdale police sent undercover officers inside on several occasions, offering to sell stolen goods, each time, detectives say, they took the bait. When the bust finally went down, SWAT was there too, investigators thought these guys could be dangerous.

In the briefing before the bust, officers were told both men are licensed to carry concealed weapons. That's why SWAT, loaded into "The Bear"  an armored, bulletproof vehicle.

The plan to is be prepared for anything.

"Due to the fact that we have intel that they are always armed, they have bullet proof glass inside the business, it steps it up, it's more of a high risk warrant," warned Capt. Swisher.

SWAT arrived prepared,  rushed in, and cleared the store.  When it was "Mission Complete," both guys were taken into custody with out incident.

Without incident, of course, is how they like.  The head of the team said SWAT members are treated like athletes--they practice hard to win always.  The difference is if they lose, it's not a game.

"The problem is, on game day, we don't' have the luxury of losing," said Swisher.  "We need to make sure that we prepare to win every day and that's what we do."

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