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Students Involved In Multi Vehicle Crash On School Bus Honored In "Do The Right Thing" Ceremony

MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- Three Miami-Dade High school students were honored for their bravery Thursday during a Miami Police Department "Do The Right Thing" awards ceremony, for their assistance following a deadly chain reaction crash.

The Hialeah Gardens High School students were on their school bus at a red light when they heard a loud crash in early November 2021.

Do The Right Thing Multi Vehicle Crash Incident
Multi vehicle crash in Hialeah Gardens on Nov. 9, 2021. (CBS4)

"We were on the way home and we were at a red light and I hear everybody screaming and I look to my left and I just thought I was in a movie scene. I [saw] the truck flying in the air into a bus," said Alejandro Quintero.

According to Florida Highway Patrol, the driver of a Dodge pickup truck was traveling south on SR 826 when the vehicle struck a pedestrian on the exit ramp to NW 103 Street, leaving the pedestrian lying lifeless on the road.

What followed was a multi-vehicle crash, including the school bus the three students were traveling on.

"I saw my bus driver, I thought she was hurt," said Quintero.

Two other students who were honored for their quick thinking that day told CBS4 News that Quintero helped keep everyone calm by telling jokes, while they did what they could to help.

"One little girl, it was her first day, and we felt really bad for her," said Melanie Garcia.

"It was her first day on the bus, she was sitting all the way in the front. She did get some glass shattered on her. So, she got a little traumatized off of that," said Emily Rodriguez.

Garcia and Rodriguez say they began taking pictures and video to document the incident for the bus driver. They then helped translate what occurred to officers when they arrived.

"It's just extreme bravery by those kids, you know, they stand out," said Assistant Miami Police Chief Thomas Carroll. "They are leaders of our community as I said I'm very proud. It makes me as a father want more out of my children. It's all about leadership and doing the right thing, and they absolutely did the right thing," added Carroll.

According to FHP, a woman in a separate vehicle was airlifted to the hospital as a trauma alert to Ryder Trauma Center.

The students were among ten Miami-Dade students who were honored for their bravery and leadership Thursday. They received several awards including a plaque and tickets to a Marlins game.

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