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Star Witness Gives Vague Testimony In Hollywood Cop Trial

HOLLYWOOD (CBS4)- It's been nearly three years since the accident in Hollywood that set up a corruption investigation and eventual criminal trial.

Even so, the testimony from one of the central witnesses in this case was often shaky, vague and unsure.

For the second day in a row, the prosecution's star witness, Alexandra Torrens-Vilas, took the stand. This time under tough, sometimes withering cross-examination.

"I don't know sorry," Torrens-Vilas had trouble recalling details as she spoke. "It was my word against his."

She struggled to remember incidents.

"I know it was a large male," she said.

She took long pregnant pauses... sometimes waiting 10, 15, even 20 seconds to answer questions.

"Sorry give me a minute," she said.

Torrens-Vilas and a police dashboard video are the strongest evidence in the prosecution's case against 45-year-old Dewey Pressley. The former Hollywood cop is on trial for allegedly doctoring the accident report to shift blame from fellow cop, Joel Francisco, who rear-ended Torrens-Vilas back in February 2009.

Despite the fact she had been rear-ended, the cops charged her with DUI and other traffic offenses, but charges that were later dropped.

On the police dashboard videotape Pressley can be heard saying he would, "Do a little Walt Disney" to protect fellow cop Francisco.

Torrens-Vilas said, "I don't recall."

Despite unsure testimony that dragged on for two and a half  hours, Torrens-Vilas said she was sure about certain critical details.

"That, I am adamant about," she said. "Yes!"

Former Hollywood cop Dewey Pressley faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted of all 10 counts against him.

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