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South Florida Couple Accused Of Kidnapping Second Man

MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- Miami police have identified a second man they believe was kidnapped and held against his will by a couple.

According to police, Marie Dorsainvil, 52, and Occius Dorsainvil, 56, kidnapped and robbed Gerson Monfort, 44, on December 31st, 2021.

The Dorsainvils claimed to have released him in good condition, according to police who did not release further details about this incident.

On December 28th, 2021, they're accused of luring another man to an apartment, where they bound him in chains, demanded $50,000 and his car title, and forced him at gunpoint to admit he had an affair with the woman.

The ordeal began when police say Marie Dorsainvil asked the man for a ride to her apartment. The victim said he had known her since Feb. 2020.

Kidnapping Arrest mugs_2
Marie Dorsainvil Booking Photo (Miami-Dade Corrections)

When they arrived, she asked him to see her new apartment, but he declined stating both of them were married to other people.

Dorsainvil allegedly told the victim her husband was in Haiti, and he agreed to go inside.

When he sat on the couch, Occius Dorsainvil entered the apartment with a gun and tied the victim's arms and legs, said police.

It was not known how the two suspects are related.

Kidnapping Arrest mugs
Occius Dorsainvil Booking Photo (Miami-Dade Corrections)

The duo forced the man to rehearse and record a statement admitting to cheating with the suspect, and told him that if he went to the bathroom, they'd force him to eat it. If he refused, they said, they'd shoot him.

The next day, the police report states, they offered him food, but he refused out of fear of having to go to the bathroom.

The suspects also "added chains to his arms and legs," states the report. The suspects also demanded $50,000 in exchange for his freedom, but he told them he didn't have that kind of money.

They demanded he sign over the title of his vehicle, said police.  He agreed only if they released him.

Kidnapping Arrest mugs_1
Occius Dorsainvil and Marie Dorsainvil Booking Photos (Miami-Dade Corrections)

The third day, Dec. 30, they made him take a shower at gunpoint and told him he had to drink a bottle of alcohol in case they got pulled over by police.  Occius Dorsainvil reportedly told the suspect he would say he was driving him home since he was drunk so police would not believe him. Once inside his car, Dorsainvil ordered him to drink a bottle filled with a mixture of bleach and Haitian rum, said police. He said, "Do not throw it up or spit it out or I will shoot you. Chug it all."

The victim pretended to be drunk and laid back in the front passenger seat. Twenty minutes later, he opened his eyes, and the suspect was gone, said the report.

The victim asked nearby pedestrians for help, they called police, and he was taken to University of Miami Hospital for treatment but has since been released.

The Dorsainvils were arrested on January 5 and 6 and charged with kidnapping, armed robbery with deadly weapon, attempted second degree murder and extortion in this case.

Detectives have reason to believe that there may be additional people victimized by both suspects and are asking them to come forward by contacting the Miami Police Robbery Unit at 305-603-6370 or 305-579-6111.

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