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Something Extra: What Do Women Want?

MIAMI (CBS4) - Are we seeing a big role reversal when it comes to the traditional roles of men and women in the workforce?  Are women now from Mars and men from Venus?

A Pew Research Center report out today says young women are increasingly saying "show me the money."

Two thirds of eighteen to thirty four year old women said a high-paying career is one of the most important things in their lives or very important.  That's a big jump from fifteen years ago and significantly more than the fifty nine per cent of men who said the same thing.

It may be because women of this generation are more educated.  Nearly sixty per cent of bachelors'  degrees are going to women and more than sixty per cent of masters degrees are.

The shift from traditional stereotypes is huge: more men are unemployed and have primary child care responsibilities, while fewer women are stay-at-home moms.

But women want to have it all.  While placing a higher priority on work and money, they're also putting a higher priority on marriage and being good parents.  So we're still a ways from approaching the mythical kingdom of Amazons who have no need for men.

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