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Scathing Report Accuses Miami Shores Priest Of Unholy Acts

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A salacious scandal at a South Florida church where the parishioners hired a P.I. to tail their priest. And a scathing report accuses him of all kinds of unholy acts.

Armed with a book of evidence filled with pictures, receipts and police reports, a group of parents have proven that when it comes to their kids they don't play.

"Parents gathered and pooled their money together to hire a private investigator," said Rosa Armesto.

That investigator was charged with following a pastor at St. Rose of Lima in Miami Shores.

Armesto is an attorney who has children at the parish school, and is working with the parents.

They claim that Father Pedro Corces fired the previous maintenance crew and replaced them with his friends.

One of those friends, they say, Corces has an inappropriate relationship with. A friend the parents don't want around their kids.

"We also found out that one of these men had a criminal history a criminal background," Armesto said.

An arrest record shows that employee has been arrested at least three times, including an arrest for prostitution.

The parents say father Corces has taken lavish vacations with this man.

The archdiocese of Miami clearly state that anyone with prostitution on their record is forbidden from working with children.

In a letter to parents, the Archbishop of Miami said they are investigating the hiring of friends and improper socializing.

As for the parents' book of evidence, Archbishop Thomas Wenski called it slanderous gossip also saying that much of the material the group has since chosen to circulate is long since discredited gossip. He even called their "slanderous gossip" sinful.

"This is not gossip, this is not slander, these are facts," Armesto said. "Police reports are not gossip, they're public record."

Father Corces has since been removed from his position.

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