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One Dead In Miami Triple Shooting

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A wild shootout in a Miami neighborhood sent families onto the floor as bullets flew. When the smoke cleared, one man was dead, two others injured.

One person was killed, two others injured, in a shooting late Monday evening in Miami.

Neighbors in the area of NW 11th Avenue and 43rd Street called 9-1-1 just before midnight after hearing gunfire. So many bullets flew just outside Bridgette Ladler's home in Model City that police investigators ran out of evidence markers.

"It's like boom, at first I think it's a firecracker. Then I hear boom, boom and then I was like 'Wow'. Then I hear boom, boom, boom. After that it's just like everybody did what they had to do. Get on the floor, safe and sound."

Ladler said she grabbed her three month old goddaughter and huddled on the floor with just one thought in mind.

"I hope nobody got hurt, I hope the bullets don't fly through the window," said Ladler.

Arriving officers found a bullet ridden Nissan and three people with gunshot wounds.

One of the men was dead. The other two were rushed to the hospital. One of the men was listed as stable; the other was treated and released.

Thessalonia Tinsley has heard many shootings at this intersection over the years but she said this one was particularly violent.

"I heard one of the guys say 'I don't have no more shots'," recalled Tinsley.

Several of the bullets struck the side of a duplex with small children inside; they weren't hurt. Neighbors said the men who live on the other side of the duplex have been involved in shootings before.

Police said the calls they received about the gunfire came from two different parts of the neighborhood.

Investigators gathered at a second location at NW 44th Street and 15th Avenue. Police believe the three men in the Nissan were the targeted and as they sped away, they were shot at. They ended up six blocks away at the second location.

"We don't want to discard any thing at this point. Detectives are urging anyone that may have information, whether it's another incident or this one, to immediately phone us," said police spokeswoman Kenia Reyes.

Witnesses told CBS4 that one of the injured helped his injured friend out of the car and down the street as if they were running from someone. Dina Diaz said the man was screaming for help.

Detectives have not said if the three men in the car shot back. Neighbors don't know or care about those details. They just want to know they will be safe when they go to sleep tonight.

"Of course it scares me," said Cecil Deloach, "Our homes are not bulletproof."

"It's terrible, it's terrible," said Ladler, "Because we shouldn't have all this crime in the neighborhood.

Police have not released a description of the gunman or gunmen and have not said what may have led up to the shooting.

Two women identifying themselves as the girlfriend and ex-girlfriend of the dead victim say he is 21 years old and has two small children.

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