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On The Radar: Offseason Series – Part 16

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There is something about the offseason in South Florida that the average football fan would never comprehend.

In an area where basketball has been very popular with the Miami Heat and the Hurricanes and baseball have limped between two World Series titles, football is – and always will be – king.

Where else in this great nation is there such a demand for football year-round like it is right here in South Florida?

No matter where you travel during the year, there is going to be something football-related going on. The interest from the NFL right down through college and into the high schools – is amazing and truly defies logic.

Football has become such a hot topic, 12 months a year and the trickle down has reached high school – at an amazing rate.

Tune into our radio program each week on Miami Sports Radio 560 WQAM and you will see how passionate fans, coaches and athletes are about the sport.

College coaches come on the show, high school coaches and players want to be on and popularity grows on a weekly basis.

High school football in South Florida is indeed like no other place in America. No other region has the football players we do. It plays out every September when the NFL releases the numbers, and this region is overwhelmingly ahead of anywhere else.

That's why every weekend there are high-level events taking place, and people from across the country, including college coaches – are watching closely.

The media and scouting coverage has reached an all-time high. Videos, photos and evaluations are coming out daily – and it doesn't matter that the NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball are in full swing, high school football is what everyone wants to talk about and watch.

Our coverage doesn't stop either. We promote and evaluate more athletes than anyone, daily. Over 2,500 local prospects promoted and evaluated this past year, and we continue to add to that list today – with six more South Florida players to keep an eye on:

2019 – Marcus Barthell, RB, 5-9, 175, Miami Edison: After a tremendous youth career on the gridiron, this quality football talent has not gotten the attention he deserved. But this coming season, all that should come to an end as first-year head coach Vick Evans and the Red Raiders will feature Barthell in their offense.

2019 – Montavious Brini, RB/WR, 6-0, 185, Hialeah Gardens Mater Academy: Another talent that has been talked about over the past two years. While it has also taken him some time to settle in at the high school level, many believe that Brini is going to be that top-flight performer that head coach Rocco Casullo and this program will use plenty over the next two seasons. Following in the gifted footsteps of his older brother Latavious, keep an eye on this young man.

2018 – Dawson Hill, RB, 6-0, 195, South Plantation: Still one of the elite running back prospects in South Florida, Hill has not received the spotlight that he truly deserves. This is a big-time back, and with a head coach (Dominic Anderson) who also played the position at a high level, expect things to turn around in 2017.

2018 – Abdul Ibrahim, WR, 6-0, 170, Miramar: Yet another football talent who has flown way beneath the radar screen. After watching him perform live as well as at various events in the offseason, people are missing out on Ibrahim. This is truly a football player who is passionate and extremely talent. The exposure part will take care of itself in 2017.

2019 – T.J. Smith, QB, 6-0, 175, Hollywood South Broward: One of the up-and-coming passers in South Florida, Smith heads toward his second season as a starter, but what he figures to benefit from the most is learning from new head coach Keith Franklin. Franklin is one of the most innovative minds and will provide Smith a chance to really thrust his name into the media spotlight.

2018 – Darnell Vickers, CB, 5-10, 165, Miami Central: Here is yet another Flanagan High product that has come down to Miami-Dade County and has given the Rockets a lift on defense. Vickers is a very gifted football player that his coaches spoke about the past year. Quick and athletic, Vickers is indeed the type of player that head coach Roland Smith will be able to work with plenty in the coming months.


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