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Miracle Baby Born To Multiple Organ Transplant Patient

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - She came to Miami for treatment for a rare condition and after a five-organ transplant, Fatima Al Ansari did something no one with her condition had ever done before, give birth to a baby.

"She's a gift from god and a miracle," said Al Ansari, a 26-year-old from Qatar who came to Miami for life-saving treatment.

Six-years-ago Al Ansari was diagnosed with a condition called mesenteric thrombosis, a clot that blocks the blood flow of a vein carrying blood to the intestine. The debilitating condition nearly killed her, causing her organs to fail.

At the time, she was two months pregnant, but the condition crushed her dream of having the baby. She was forced to terminate the pregnancy that was putting her life at risk.

To save her, doctors at Jackson Memorial Hospital successfully transplanted Al Ansari's liver, pancreas, stomach, small intestine and large intestine. After recovering, Al Ansari made a risky decision to expand her family.

"That she is healthy enough to consider having babies is a miracle by itself," said Dr. Salih Yasin, a Jackson Women's Center OBGYN who helped Al Ansari get pregnant through IVF. "The concern was how her body would be able to take care of the load of being pregnant and how her organs would react throughout the pregnancy."

A beautiful and healthy Alkadi Alhayal was born two weeks ago, with no major complications. Doctors will continue to monitor Al Ansari's health for another week, then the family will finally head home to Qatar. When asked if she plans to have another child she says yes, god willing.

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