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'Cuba Needs You': Miami Women Hospitalized After Going On Hunger Strike Outside Of United Nations Building

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Three Miami women traveled thousands of miles to go on a hunger strike, demanding that the United Nations intervene in Cuba and send more aid to the country, which is now dealing with an outbreak of COVID-19.

Over in Cuba, not much has been known since hundreds took the streets, protesting for freedom, basic human rights and for the end of 62 years of a communist dictatorship.

Yami Pelier is one of the women who went on the hunger strike, which eventually landed all three in the hospital after no food for a period of eight days.

"We are going to keep fighting because Cuba needs us," said Pelier. "It's been a tough eight days, but it was worth it."

Johnny Navarro, who leads the organization Cubans United for Freedom, was hoping the United Nations would come speak to them.

But they did not succeed.

"After eight days of starving, they needed medical attention and no one here cares. They didn't even walk out," Navarro said. "What we are asking for is an open portal between the US. Cuba and the United nations."

Pelier, who has since left the hospital, said they need the United Nations to intervene.

"Open your eyes. Cuba needs you," she said.

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