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Miami Heat's Mario Chalmers Wants Kids To "Dream Big"

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Mario Chalmers is used to hearing cheers from the home crowd—but the cheers heard at the YMCA in South Dade is a whole different feeling for the Heat player.

When Chalmers was 10-years-old, at a YMCA in Anchorage, Alaska, his ambitions were just starting to emerge at he took his first shot on the basketball court.

Miami is a long way from Anchorage, but Chalmers knows the ambition in the kids' minds is the same. For that reason Chalmers joined forces with Neighbors 4 Neighbors so that YMCA kids would get this simple message—to dream big.

Chalmers' dream has become a basketball fairy tale as he's one of the few players to win championships in high school, college as well as the pros.

Chalmers was voted into the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame.

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