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Supporting Cancer Patients Through The Body, Mind And Spirit

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating to the mind, body, and spirit. Major challenges can arise for patients and their families. The support services at Memorial Cancer Institute in South Florida provide patients with comprehensive and compassionate care before, during and after their treatments.

A patient navigator helps each patient through their cancer treatment including questions about treatments and side effects. The patient navigator will also coordinate appointments, tests, biopsies, and procedures, as well as relay this information across the patient's healthcare providers to ensure everyone's on the same page. It's a team effort.

Access to Memorial's Quick Care Clinic provides patients with help when concerns arise via telehealth for non-life-threatening cancer related symptoms to help avoid a ER visit. A cancer expert will be available to talk to each patient about their symptoms and advise if further medical care is needed. A helping hand is always nearby.

Cancer can put many demands on the body and mind, but the spirit is also very important. Memorial's interfaith chaplains can guide patients and families through cancer treatment to help heal the spirit and the soul.

Physical changes from cancer treatment and therapy can be emotional for patients. Memorial Cancer Institute provides a salon and boutique to improve a patient's appearance and self-esteem. These services and products include wig selection/ fittings, specialized garments, spa services, and skin care.

During and after treatment, Memorial Cancer Institute continues to help patients. A customized cancer rehabilitation program at Memorial Rehabilitation Institute helps patients regain their strength to continue with treatment or to reach and achieve their highest level of function to go on to live a productive and enriched life.

Patients and families can count on the guidance and support of Memorial Cancer Institute to provide a hopeful experience on their journey to survivorship.

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