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15-year-old suspect charged in killing of North Miami HS football player Mekhi Stevenson

15-year-old suspect charged in killing of North Miami HS football player Mekhi Stevenson
15-year-old suspect charged in killing of North Miami HS football player Mekhi Stevenson 03:31

MIAMI – Miami-Dade police said Wednesday that they have arrested a teen and were searching for two others in connection with the fatal shooting of a North Miami High School football player.

Mekhi Stevenson, 17, suffered a gunshot wound to the chest during a shooting at a home in a neighborhood off of State Road 441 and NW 119 Street. 

The boy died at the scene, police said.

His mother said she was still struggling to come to terms with the killing.

"Everyone who he encountered embraced him and loved home. He was a great child, always smiling, always laughing, and always joking," Sonya Stevenson said. "He meant everything to us. He meant the world to us, everything. It's so hard. Oh my God. He was a great kid, so humble, so peaceful, so mild-mannered. So respectful."

She also had a message. 

"Don't play with guns. You don't know the devastation that guns can bring to a family, I am so hurt and I am so devastated," she said. "Once that bullet comes out of a gun you can't take it back and tell me you are sorry. Sorry is not going to bring him back. Sorry is not going to bring him back. He shouldn't have had a gun in the first place. What is a 15-year-old boy doing with a gun? He doesn't even know about gun safety. I just beg these kids to listen. Guns are not toys. They are real."

The victim's aunt Yolanda Stevenson said, "I am going to miss him saying I love you, Auntie Sunshine. He was a great guy. He loved his football. He loved his family. They need to put the guns down. They are not toys. They are real. Once you release a bullet, you can not take it back."

The victim's uncle Anthon Samuel said, "He was just such a bright light for us. This was such an unfortunate situation for us. I would agree with what my mother said that these guns are not toys. This was a senseless crime. This did not need to happen."

The 15-year-old boy is facing charges that include manslaughter, possession of a firearm by a minor, and improper exhibition of a firearm, according to a written statement by police.

The teen boy was taken to a juvenile center. CBS4 is not naming the teen since he has not been charged as an adult. 

A vigil was scheduled for Friday evening at a park near the victim's home.

Sonya Stevenson said she is unable to go to the house where her son was killed.

"I'm so hurt. I'm so devastated," she said through tears. "I can't sleep. I can't eat. I can't think. I'm lost. I'm lost. I'm so lost."

Investigators said Mekhi and his 15-year-old brother were inside a room with three friends the 15-year-old youngster pulled out a firearm to show everyone.

The teen was told to put the gun away but instead pointed it at the football player, which is when the gun went off. 

Mekhi collapsed after trying to make it to one of the doors at the home. 

North Miami QB Mekhi Stevenson in uniform.

Police said all the other teens fled on foot. 

Stevenson's neighbor and his football coach said he was a light to everyone's life.

"When you see a child so alive and smiling, I'm going like, 'Why?' I'm sorry, I got tired of this type of grieving," said Madame Holmes, his neighbor.

Dozens of people stood in silence at the scene, in shock that this happened to a teen that had so much ahead of him.

The victim was one of seven siblings, his mother said.

She is trying to figure out a way to bury her son and family members have started a fundraiser in his name to pay for burial expenses. 

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